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If you are looking for some best places to visit in Italy, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to share some best places to visit in Italy. So, you don’t need to worry about where to go in Italy.

Some of the world’s most renowned and famous artists whose works are world-famous belong to Italy. Colosseum, Lake Como, Blue Grotto, Florence, Verona, Venice, and Pompeii are among the best places to visit in Italy.

The country comprises more masterpieces per square mile than any other country across the globe. Italy is also home to one of the oldest universities situated in Rome, founded in 1303 A.D.

Italy has a large agricultural sector, and the world’s largest wine producer. 

It is the place where art and literature are appreciated. Here, you will find the preserved treasures from the renaissance period.

Colosseum (Rome)


Colosseum, known as the Flavian Amphitheatre and one of the best places in Italy. It, located in the centre of the city of Rome. Rome is one of the best cities to visit in Italy. It’s “the” excellent example of ancient Roman-engineering and one of the best places to visit in Italy.

It started in 72AD during the rule of Emperor Vespasian when the Empire was approaching its pinnacle.

Romans constructed much larger buildings than the Greeks using Roman-pioneered concrete, brick, and their trademark round arches. Be that as it may, it appears, they despite everything regarded the phenomenal purposes of Greek culture.

They designed this uber structure with every one of the three Greek requests of segments: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. It could hold up to 80,000 spectators. The general audiences for these so-called “contests” were around 65,000 people as we do our super stadiums today.  Best Places To Visit In Italy

Combatants, crooks, and wild creatures battled until the very end, giving the open a violence celebration. To praise the Colosseum’s fabulous opening, Romans treated the butcher of 5000 creatures.

It’s worked with two performance centres confronting one another, that is the thing that an amphitheatre is—so twice the greatest number of individuals could appreciate the diversion. Canvas overhangs lifted over the arena to provide shelter from the sun.Best Places To Visit In Italy

A wooden floor secured these ways underneath the field. Between acts, creatures and warriors rearranged around far out. Antiquated Romans, whose preference for savagery surpassed even present-day America’s, went to the Colosseum to loosen up.

Once the medieval period began, the building was no longer used for entertaining audiences. A chapel was added, and fittingly, the arena was turned into a cemetery. 

The spaces beneath the seating areas transformed into workshops and housing units. Throughout the centuries, the Colosseum underwent more and more changes from a holy place blessed by Pope Benedict XIV. If you are visiting Italy, then this is a must-visit place for you.Best Places To Visit In Italy



It is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Venice hosts about 60,000 tourists every day and is the best Italian city to visit. Venice, believed to be a refuge for people from cities nearby and fleeing from invasions by the Huns and Germans.

Floating on top of deep blue water, Venice’s Surrealism ties in well with its stunning architecture, art, and vibrant culture. Some of the city’s main attractions are Doge’s palace, the Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Piazza San Marco. This makes it the best cities to travel in italy.

Venice began expanding and turned into a city-state with immense commercial and naval power due to its location on the Adriatic Sea. By the 12th century, the metropolis was a significant trade center. Routes were protected from pirates by its strong navy. 

From the 15th century onward, Venice began a steep decline, losing many of its possessions to several Ottoman-Venetian conflicts. The Black Plague furthered the city’s deterioration, ending the lives of around 50,000 people. The Italian plague took out another 50,000 residents half a century later. 

Despite its morbid historical downfall, this port city’s fairytale essence and beauty also keep its tourist industry alive. Canals run through Venice, connecting its 118 small islands. It allow people to ride gondolas while exploring the city’s many offerings and the best of Italy.



It considered one of the top cities to visit in Italy. “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo!”, a famous line from a brilliant play, known for its romance, drama, and intrigue, much like the city it’s set in Verona. 

Although the city’s exact origin remains a mystery, Verona became famous because it marked the intersection of many roads. The Roman general Stilicho conquered the first Visigoth king, Alaric, at this spot in 403.

Nearly 90 years later, when the Ostrogoths took over Verona, their king, Theoderic the Great, constructed a palace in the same location.

Eventually, the Goths were defeated, and after the Lombards took ownership of Verona for about 200 years. It reclaimed by Italy and became a royal residence for the country’s rulers. 

Verona’s impressive history has left behind numerous attractions that attract visitors and one of the best cities in italy. Some such attractions include the Piazza Delle Erbe, Verona Arena that completed in 30 A.D. and seated about 25,000 spectators, and the ancient Roman Theater of Verona.

Lake Como

Lake Como-best-place-to-visit-in-Italy

It is around 31 miles away from Milan and the 3rd largest Lake. Lake Como is the most picturesque place. The trip to Italy is incomplete without Lake Como. Big mountains, deep blue water, and blankets of greenery make it one of the best places to visit in Italy. 

Everyone’s dream is to go to such a place, making this dream a reality is as simple as taking a trip to Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. Lake Como once made of glaciers, which melted centuries ago, and it looks like an upside-down letter “Y” that spans to the town Lecco, Como, and Colico.

Smaller towns also scattered around the edges of the Lake. After considering its beauty and subtropical climate, there is no doubt that Lake Como is a popular tourist destination in Italy.

 Windsurfing, sailing, and kitesurfing are some of the activities available. Spectacular villas offer fascinating history lessons. One of the more popular is Villa Carlotta. It built-in 1690 is now home to a museum containing essential sculptures by the Neoclassicalartist, Antonio Canova.

If Lake Como’s share beauty and historical significance aren’t enough to entice you, perhaps its place in movies like Ocean’s Twelve and 2002’s StarWars: Episode II will draw you in.



If you are looking for the best cities to travel to Italy, you must visit it. As the Tuscany region’s capital city, Florence Is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and the best Italian city to visit Italy. Once a Roman metropolis, Florence acted as the motherland of the Italian Renaissance.

As such, the city is home to incredible architecture, history, and culture. Some of the most well-known structures in Florence are the Palazzo Pitti, Florence Cathedral, and the Basilica of San Lorenzo, which hold all of the Medici family’s remains. 

All of its historically important destinations and beauty, Florence known for its food and wine culture. Local wine made from Sangiovese grapes found in the Chianti region south of the city and their flavor shines through in ChiantiClassico and “Super Tuscan” wines. 

Classic works such as Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting and Michelangelo’s David are within Florence’s numerous museums and galleries and best Italian cities to visit.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain-best-place-to-visit-in-Italy

This beautiful fountain is in Rome’s Trevi District and designed by Nicola Salvi, an Italian architect who lived from 1697to 1751. Trevi Fountain is about 86 feet high and 161.3 feet wide and is Rome’s largest Baroque-style fountain.

The Construction began in 1732 and finished eleven years after Salvi’s passing by four different sculptors and the architect GiuseppePannini. 

It wasn’t until 1988 that the fountain revamped due to discoloration from smog, and ten years later, cracks and other areas were touched up by talented artisans as well. 

The scene of Trevi Fountain is of Poseidon’s Sons, also called Tritons, guiding the titan Oceanus on his shell chariot while he tames the hippocampi, or sea-horses, below him. 

Ancient mythological story-telling and extravagant detail earn Trevi Fountain a spot on our list of best places to visit in Italy.

Blue Grotto

If the world’s natural wonders are more your thing, you’ll want to spend some time in the Blue Grotto off Capri’s coast. This dream-like sea cave stretches about 164 feet into the cliff at the water’s surface and is about 490 feet deep.

 The only time visitors can enter the cavern is when the tide is low, and the sea is calm, allowing safe access. It named for its brilliant blue hue, light shining through the grotto’s entrance, and a larger opening beneath the surface, illuminating the water. 

Since much of the light entering the cavern filtered through the water, red reflections don’t make it inside, leaving Blue Grotto- well – strikingly blue. 

Due to safety concerns, visitors can only explore the cave via rowboats, and swimming is strictly forbidden.  

Once upon a time, Emperor Tiberius, who moved to Capri in 27 A.D., used Blue Grotto as his swimming hole. He even had it decorated with statues, including two Roman gods of the sea, Triton and Neptune, which found at the bottom of the cavern 1964.



Tuscany, located in central Italy, this region spans about 8,900 square miles and hosts nearly four million residents. There are many tourist destinations that fascinate thousands of people each year. 

Tuscany is also home to Pisa, Siena, and Chianti, and Castiglione Della Pescaia. Tuscany is well-known for its medieval period since it was the beginning of many great cities. 

Because of its rich history, Tuscany offers incredible art, music, and cultural scenes, and several art schools. The residents of the region even speak the unique Tuscan dialect of Italian.

The Dolomites


If you are visiting Italy, this is the best place if you’re a hiker and enjoy scenic natural views, then another site you shouldn’t forgo is the Dolomites. 

This dramatic mountain range is in northeastern Italy, stretching from the River Adige to the Piave Valley and forming a portion of the Southern Limestone Alps. Sometimes called the “Pale Mountains”.

The Dolomites made from a sedimentary carbonate rock made of the mineral dolomite, which is very light in color. Mountain range draws the attention of tourists from all over the world every year for all types of outdoor activities.

Besides hiking, the Dolomites offer perfect areas to BASE jump, mountain climb, ski, and cycle. Free climbing has also been a popular sport here since 1887



Pompeii was a thriving metropolis that met a terrible fate in A.D. 79. At the time, about 15,000 people lived in Pompeii due to its thriving agriculture – probably the result of Mount Vesuvius’ previous eruptions. 

The mountain that provided them with food and protection would also be their demise. Vesuvius’ immense eruption quickly covered Pompeii with ash, rocks, and cinders, which poured over the city for six hours, forming piles up to 82 feet high.

 The residents immediately perished from the extreme heat, the lava blasts produced at temperatures exceeding 480 degrees Fahrenheit. A man named Pliny the Younger watched the events unfold firsthand across the Bay of Naples from Pompeii and wrote down the details 25 years later. The city and its deceased inhabitants remained buried for centuries until excavations truly began in the mid-1700s.

 For about 2,000 years, various objects buried with Pompeii, well-preserved because the volcanic dirt and ash let in little to no air and moisture. Nowadays, the site is deteriorating due to light exposure, water, weathering, and things like tourism. Nevertheless, it makes our list because Pompeii Offers a glance into the past like no other.

 Numerous frescoes depicting images of what life was like in the city and living figures forever cast in ash make Pompeii an incompatible destination.

In this article, we tried to answer some questions about the best places to visit in Italy, the best cities to visit and where to go in Italy. I hope you liked this article and now you know where to visit in italy.

If you are visiting Italy, the above are the best in Italy as per the majority of people across the world. If we forgot to add some top places to see in Italy, then comment us.

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