Health benefits of dark chocolate


We all know chocolate is one of the most popular sweets in the world. If we take a look over the consumption of chocolate, it continues to grow year after year. In 2019, as per record, the total consumption of chocolate was around 7.8 million metric tons. The Asia pacific region is contributing in it’s growth as well. In 2018, around 19.4 pounds of chocolate will be consumed. As per the report from Mintel, sales grew 24 percent between 2009-14 and touched $21 Billion in the United States.Health benefits of dark chocolate.

1. United States

(over $20 billion annually.Hershey’s is the largest chocolate producer company in U.S) Health benefits of dark chocolate

2. Switzerland       Health benefits of dark chocolate

($14 billion estimated    annual revenue.Top brands like Nestle, toblerone,

Lindt, that originated in Switzerland.)  

3. Belgium

(Belgium annual sales touch $12 billions.Belgium’s most famous company is Godiva.

4. Germany

(Germany represents around $10 billion annually. La Maison du Chocolat, Tortchen is Germany’s top brands.) Generally, we find chocolate into three categories i.e dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Chocolate’s darkness depends upon the proportion of cocoa solids which are made from cocoa beans.Health benefits of dark chocolate

How we get chocholate

The process starts with a cacao pod. Beans are separated from the pod  and fermented. After that these fermented beans are dried and roasted then we get cocoa beans. After that, shells of cocoa beans are separated from cocoa nibs. Now, the liquid we get is called chocolate liquor and the fatty part is separated from it. It is further refined to produce solid cocoa and chocolate.

Health benefits & proven facts of dark chocolate

Most of us know this fact that dark chocolate is good for health but many of us are not aware of it and how it is good for our health. So, here are some health benefits and studies I’m discussing here to let you know about dark chocolate health benefits and you may take benefits by adding it in your routine. Health benefits of dark chocolate

Prevent heart disease

Researchers found in their studies that flavonoids found in chocolate can help to prevent heart diseases. It may help to lower your blood pressure. According to a study done at Harvard on chocolate over 1k people participated in it and concluded that dark chocolate lowered the blood pressure of all participants. So, it is effective in high blood pressure.

In other studies, it has also been found that dark chocolate reduces the chances of a heart attack. If you eat dark chocolate daily, it reduces LDL cholesterol as well. It has also found that dark chocolate is good for artery cleanup. According to a Swedish study, a person who ate more than 45 grams of dark chocolate a week had a 25 per cent lower risk of stroke.

Chocolate may help to weight loss

Some people think that chocolate causes weight gain but here are some studies over it that prove that eating dark chocolate may help you to lose your weight. Some research suggests that dark chocolate is good to control appetite and play a vital role in weight loss. According to Will Clowers, PhD (Neuroscientist) also wrote a book on it “Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight. He discussed in this book how eating a bit of dark chocolate before meals or after triggers hormones that signal to our brain that you are full and you don’t feel hungry.

It may put you in good mood

We all know about this fact that whenever we feel depressed or our mood is off due to some reason, if we eat some chocolate we feel good. A research was done at the University of Swinburne in Australia in which participants those given chocolate were happier and calmer than others.

It may good for pregnancy

In pregnancy, there is a complication found i.e pre-eclampsia, in which blood pressure can go up. According to some research, there is a chemical found in dark chocolate i.e theobromine which can stimulate the heart and help the arteries dilate. Some women were given doses of dark chocolate and found that they had 355 fewer chances of the above-mentioned complication.

Good for vision

Some people would not agree over it but there is a study done and found that those volunteers given dark chocolate were better in the vision test than others those given white chocolate. There are other studies also pending to find out and prove this fact.

Athletic performance

According to a study over cyclists, found that those who were given dark chocolate took less oxygen and more distance compared with other ones who didn’t eat dark chocolate before cycling.

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